Made By: CCM
Item: 637K-CB
Scale: 1/48
In Stock
First arrived: 5/11/2017
Added to catalog: 4/5/2017
Recommended Age: 14 and up
Cat 637K Coal Bowl Tractor-Scraper - Precision Diecast Scale Model
Limited production of 500 pieces

Model details:
• hydraulic lines
• grab / handrails
• lights and mirrors
• opening cab door
• cushion hitch
• apron and ejector
• new tire material
• engine / drivetrain
• instrumentation
• full scraper fenders
• warning / safety labels
• paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy
• includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction

Cat® 637K coal bowls are longer and higher than standard wheel tractor scraper bowls, allowing them to haul 38 m (50 yd) of low density loose coal. The bowls are designed and built to specifically deliver in coming loose coal to the stock pile and reserve stock piled coal to the feeder system.

Caution: This item is an adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.

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